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Equestrian Essentials

Tack Room, Paddock Equipment and Supplements

In our Tack Room & Paddock section we have a vast array of products on sale. Caring for a horse or pony requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes and of course all the right equipment. We have on offer all grooming kit products and supplies. When you need to smarten them up extra special we have on sale clippers, plaiting, shampoos, show shine and  hoof oil . We are a main stockist for NAF Products and stock all the feed supplements you will need to help keep your horse in tip top condition. We also have on sale everything you will need for your stable and field. This includes feed buckets, water bowls, mangers, haynets and hayracks. Shovels, forks and electric fencing. First aid kits in case of an emergency. In short whatever you need to keep your horse well, safe and happy.

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