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Autumn can be confusing time of year for horse owners & the Autumn rug dilemma is topic of conversation on many yards! The nights are cooler and often we see drizzle and colder temperatures during the day then the next minute the sun can be shining bright !

At this time of the year we should be prepared to be flexible and rug to our horses needs. Not all horse owners choose to rug their horse, but most owners do prefer to use turnout rugs for their Equines. It really is down to personal choice and what is best for your horse! If you do use a turnout rug below is an easy to read guide to give you a helping hand…

Early – Mid Autumn

The most popular choice early to mid Autumn is the Lightweight Turnout Rug. A lightweight turnout rug has little or no fill ( 0 – 150g insulation / fill ) making it the perfect choice for early Autumn. A lightweight rug will keep the chill off your Equine when temperatures drop at night and keep your horse dry in wet weather without them becoming overly hot on warmer days.

It goes without saying, on very warm Autumn days your horse must be checked to ensure they are not sweating in their lightweight turnout rug . There are many different kinds of  lightweight turnout rugs some have a built in neck cover (these are known as combo neck turnout rugs), and are a very popular choice for owners who like to keep their horses dry and clean from ears to tail.

As we have mentioned above lightweight turnout rugs have little or no fill. Some lightweight turnout rugs have a light fleece lining. Over the last few years we are seeing an increased demand for the 100g  – 150g gram lightweight fill turnout rugs. This is due to the fact the thin layer of insulation of these `lightweight fill turnout rugs`  keeps the outer coldness of the rug resting on the horses back thus making them an excellent choice for older or thin coated horses.

Mid – Late Autumn

As we move to later in the season we see damp colder mornings and even colder nights! If your horse is an unclipped hardy type he may be fine in his lightweight rug; but for most it is time to start changing our horses into medium weight turnout rugs or even heavyweight turnout rugs for those horses that are clipped or feel the cold more for other reasons.

Medium weight turnout rugs are usually 200 – 280 grams. A medium weight turnout rug can be a standard neck medium turnout rug, half neck medium turnout rug or full combo neck medium turnout rug.  Heavyweight turnout rugs as a rule are 300g through to 400g and again can be standard neck , half neck or full combo neck turnout rugs.

If you would like any additional advice before your purchase, please use our ‘contact form’ in order to speak to one of our team.